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Brand name : Charming Pop 

Brand origin : Italy

Brand image : Close your eyes and imagine being at an elegant lakeside party on lake Como in Northern Italy, with the cool fresh mountain breeze on your face. Imagine sitting on a smooth white yacht, sipping sweet fruity Champagne and tasting strawberries with your closest family and friends, hugging your Charming Pop Italian leather tote bag which is protecting all that is most important to you.

Brand logo : To be “Charming” is to have an inner beauty of mesmerising and unforgettable qualities. The word “Pop” symbolises a perpetual sense of happiness, joy and excitement. The party glass and bubble shaped logo invokes a sense of party and joy to all those that use it, reinforcing the Charming Pop philosophy of a simple and carefree life.

Brand history : Charming Pop Italian leather handbags and accessories are boutique handmade products made with special tanning techniques that do less harm to the environment than regular tanned leathers. Each collection is made in Italy and S.E Asia under strict quality control using the highest quality of materials available.

​Brand founder : Most styles are designed and created by Matthew Chow, a second generation leather products expert who has grown up around the production of leather goods. With a passion for making luxury leather products, Matthew is on a continuous search for the perfect range of leather handbags and accessories.
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